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V/UHF Antennas

Frequency range: 30-1000 MHz

Most military aircraft platforms, due to the presence of various communication systems, have difficulty in positioning the aforementioned systems on the fuselage. Our range of broadband V/UHF “blade” antennas is specially designed to work with systems that require a wider frequency range without compromising performance.

With the various products operating through the two frequency bands and multiple options available, our range of V/UHF antennas is compatible with most military aircraft, making it a very valid choice for communication systems. Our series of V/UHF antennas combined, with the wide range of accessories such as couplers, multiplexers and filters, allows us to satisfy all platforms and design needs.

Furthermore, customized V/UHF antennas are designed for specific military projects, designed according to the specifications presented and the needs of end customers.