With over 4 billion passengers flying every year, flight safety is a primary necessity and for this reason Avioconsulting has chosen to represent and sell the products of the HR Smith Group of Companies in Italy: synonymous with high quality and high performance, thanks to the continuous study of materials and new technologies.

The advanced technopolymer technology of HR Smith has in fact allowed the creation of antennas with unique qualities of rain erosion, greater resistance to impacts and high temperatures and considerable thermal stability.

To follow the needs of an ever-evolving aeronautical sector, our antennas provide optimal electrical performance that is maintained throughout the life of the antenna itself, together with a mechanical integrity so far not achieved with thermosetting composite antennas.

The antennas will not delaminate as some fiberglass did in the past.

Combining them with our Dry Fit conductive anti-corrosion RF gasket, we offer users a Fit-and-Forget Antenna system at reduced cost.

Our variety of antennas is ideal for all commercial aircraft applications and can be supplied with a full range of accessories such as couplers, diplexers and filters.

HF Antennas

The deep and long experience in the sector allows a wide range of commercial solutions, ready to use, for fixed / rotary wing and land vehicles, as well as the design and production of completely customized antennas.

VHF Antennas

Antenna Frequency Range: 30-300 MHz

Our VHF antennas are a step into the future in antenna science

Navigation Antennas

In the context of a flight, the planning of the same is indispensable and the Navigation is one of the most essential parts because it allows the crews to carry out the flight safely and in the planned times. Our omnidirectional navigation antennas have a remarkable resilience to shocks and longevity, they are produced in thermoplastic material, have an extreme lightness and guarantee a high aerodynamics allowing flights to speed Mach 1.

ELT Antennas

Like all the other antennas produced, these too are made of thermoplastic material of considerable resistance and extreme lightness and are installed on civil and military aircraft with both fixed and rotating wing.

Satellite Antennas

Also the range of flush mount and low profile satellite communication antennas are made of highly resistant and lightweight thermoplastic material and their design makes them ideal for all types of aircraft.

RF Ancillaries

Our accessories allow two or more different devices to share a common communication channel, thus optimizing the communications themselves.


The gasket is made of a highly conductive metal film specially shaped to provide a metal-to-metal multi-point contact, thus reducing RF circulatory currents


Our revolutionary “T” type electrostatic discharger.