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Automatic Fixed ELT

The Next Generation of ELT

The Techtest ELT 503 system offers full coverage of the 121.5MHz, 243MHz and 406.025MHz frequencies.
It is possible to enter the last known GPS coordinates directly into the ELT, or it is possible to have the GPS built into the G-Switch.

Housed in a durable and high quality thermoplastic material, the ELT units are made of yellow thermoplastic material for high visibility.
The uniqueness of the 503 ELT series is both to have a complete remote control of the system, and the presence of a multi-axis G-Switch, together with the possibility of having a fixed and, if necessary, portable ELT system simultaneously.
The portable operation allows a quick and snap release of the housing and by simply removing the transmitting unit, this can be used as a Personal Portable Locator Beacon.