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Crash Position Indicator

Automatic Deployable ELT

The Deployable ELT 503-16 series combines the Cospas / Sarsat complete coverage, with the transmission of the latest GPS coordinates, for the precise identification of the downed planes.

Our digital accelerometers guarantee more reliable and accurate activation than traditional alternatives; in fact the Techtest ELTs of the 503 series were the only ELTs to be activated each time during the severe NASA tests; a testament to our dedication to providing the best to our customers.

Designed to be deployed / ejected in the event of an impact, this system has 3 activation and deployment methods: both manual and automatic with the G sensor and automatic on contact with water, and with the additional options for Beacon Deploy Control (BDC) units, in the event of a tail boom failure this product offers maximum coverage and exceptional performance.

The features of the 503 series include the programming of the same, also on board, of Cospas / Sarsat protocol aircraft for a simple removal and replacement of the beacon, a modular design that allows easy operator maintenance and a multi-axis programmable G-Switch which guarantees reliable operation with respect to the CAA specification 16, BIT capacity, and for greater safety the shutdown switch, to avoid accidental expulsion when the helicopter is on the ground.

The 503-16 series is used globally by all major helicopter manufacturers and operators, demonstrating the value of the product and international trust in the Techtest brand.