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CSAR Personal Rescue Beacon

The Personal Rescue Beacon 500-37 meets the requirements to provide the user with more possibilities for a safe recovery in any emergency situation, both during combat and peace missions.

Compact and lightweight, this Beacon offers truly intuitive operation combined with voice and text communications.

The PRB 500-37 can be activated: manually or automatically via lanyard, water sensor or G-Switch.

It has an external antenna connector that allows you to configure the unit before or during a mission.

Also in this case there are different variants for the antenna that allow its use on expulsion seats, in life jackets and even parachute installations.

Activation of the PRB during peacekeeping missions: the 500-37 transmits a 406 MHz signal, containing the user’s position, to a mission control center via COSPAS SARSAT, simultaneously transmitting distress signals on 121.5 and 243 MHz. These frequencies are also used for two-way voice communication between the requesting person and the recovery force.

Activation during combat missions: the 500-37 keeps low the probabilities of being detected (Low Probability of Detection – LPD) by inhibiting transmissions, but listening to the rescue forces.

Low probability of interceptions (LPI) thanks to the use of transmission frequencies from the specific programming for the mission; the transmission length is short and the time is irregular.

Low Probability of Exploitation (LPE) through the data encryption system, text and voice and the inclusion of specific information for individual missions

The PRB 500-37 is designed to work in combination with the Airborne Locator System (ALS) 15-406-110 comprising: