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Modern electrical and RF systems require that the joints between the metal surfaces have good electrical contact and there are no corrosive elements that could inhibit performance.

The 10-500-11 Series seals fully meet these requirements and also have features that make them simple and economical.

The gasket is made of a highly conductive metal film specially shaped to provide a metal-to-metal multi-point contact, thus reducing RF circulatory currents. Two types of gaskets are available: a first watertight gasket that uses an elastomeric sealant and a second one dry-sealed with adhesive foam that guarantees a moisture-free contact during installation; the pressure exerted during the installation itself also gives the gasket a shape that fits perfectly to the two metal surfaces to be joined, also allowing a valid distribution of electrical conduction on the two non-parallel surfaces. The gasket, so shaped and free of humidity, does not require maintenance, allowing considerable savings in time and money. The 10-500-11 series gaskets have been subjected to extensive tests and have years of operational service in the naval, terrestrial and aeronautical fields where, thanks to their performance and reliability, they have achieved considerable success.