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Plug & Fly Direction Finding

The Direction Finding Plug and Fly has been specifically designed for multi-purpose structures.

The system has no permanent devices, allowing aircraft to be quickly configured to meet search and rescue needs. Another highlight of this product is that it is a system that can be transferred from one aircraft to another, so during maintenance periods required, SAR operators can easily continue their work on another aircraft.

The DF has low weight and low drag, with a range of 50 nautical km and is operational to at least -20 ° C, making it perfect for military, para-public and civil use, in a wide range of environments.

The display system is transportable and available both in a sturdy weatherproof portable case and in a reinforced tablet.

Available in 3 Plug and Fly configurations;

Nose Mount – Provides optimal visibility between air and ground. It offers installation in less than an hour and can be removed in less than 60 seconds.

Step Mount – Here too the connection to the aircraft is simple and fast.

Undercarriage/external pod wing mount– Also assembled with fast hooks, it can be supplied in wired or wireless format. For optimized performance, the system can be integrated with standard avionics data such as ARINC 429/664. Furthermore, the system can be configured as a stand-alone element using the digital compass and integrated GPS. This efficient and flexible system does not compromise the SAR capabilities, performance or range, but instead offers unrivaled portability, transferability and reliability, maximizing the aircraft capabilities. With just one system it is essentially possible to equip a complete fleet, simply by mounting the DF where necessary with extreme ease and speed, thus making it one of the most convenient and smart options on the market.